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Nice short story

Vici - Naomi Novik

A short story about First Dragon Rider retold roman history


very funny

love ,

Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare

romeo and juliet is the most love story in the english literary traditiont


the play focuses on romantic love , specifically the intense passion  that springs up at first sight between romeo and julliet


love at first sight is my favorite part in the play



o,she doh teach the torches to burn bright

it seems she hands upon the cheek  of night

like a rich jewel in an thiopes ear

beauty to rich for use , for earth to dear

so  shows a snowy dove trooping with crows

as yonder lady o er her fellows shows



destiny is no matter of chance . it is a matter of choice , it is not a thing to be waited for . it is a thing to be  achieved




story of a doctor who become patient

A Leg to Stand On - Oliver Sacks

as we know , the ordinary relationship between doctor and patient but we see in this novel the doctor become patient and how he feel about his body and describes in great details his experience of his healing


the story began  when sacks  injured in the mountain , he was a lone and  feel hopeless

and no one can help his broken leg


then sacks describes the bizarreness which he feel about his body and his thoughts  of fear 


all i can say .thank you allah

if i stay a journey between life and death

If I Stay - Gayle Forman

sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you


the story about a girl who loses  her family in a car crash and has decide whether she  wants to live or die


she makes us familiar with her world through hr memories


the story is very special but full of details which i feel bore in some parts  and full of emotions which not power enough

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